These are the steps you have to take to disconnect your car's battery without receiving a shock and without damaging your car's electrical components.

How to disconnect the car's battery safely

How to disconnect the car battery

If you want to disconnect the battery from your car car , there are a number of precautions you should have. It is important that you follow the instructions to the letter because if you do not do well, in addition to taking a good shock, you can damage electrical components of your car.

As in many mechanical works, gloves that Isolate electricity and some protective glasses will not hurt you. In the steps that we are going to indicate below, you will see that there should be no problems if you do things in order, but it is not always easy to do without touching what is due .

Open the Casing

Open the hood and look for the battery compartment . It is usually covered by a plastic housing or some fiber. If it comes closed with some type of closure, keep in mind that they are usually of the tab type, so you may need a flat or similar screwdriver to pry it loose.

First the negative pole

Now you can see the positive and negative poles of the battery. Be careful because from this moment you must be especially careful. To do it safely unhook the negative pole terminal . Normally you will need a wrench or tube. Avoid touching the positive and negative pole at the same time or touching the positive and any metallic parts.

Warning: Whenever you are going to disconnect the battery, place each cable that you disconnect from so that it can not move and touch any of the poles of the battery or other metal part.

How to disconnect the battery of your car

Second the positive pole

Once the negative pole is already disconnected, You can touch the positive pole with less risk . Even if you touch some part of the body at the same time that the positive one will no longer give you a shock. Once it is disconnected, place the cable so that it does not touch any pole of the battery or other metal part.

Yes, once you have finished with the disconnect the battery , you want to remove it from the car, you will have to remove the remaining anchors. Normally they are limited to a screw that fixes it to the bottom. If so, you will need a long screwdriver or a long socket wrench.

Important notice when disconnecting the battery

There are brands in which disconnecting the car's battery is more delicate than in others. The normal thing is that when you disconnect and reconnect it, several lights turn on in the dashboard . But they disappear as soon as you travel a few hundred meters. However, there are models in which this simple process can give some problem more difficult to eliminate.

If you do not want to catch your fingers, in addition to consulting this article to know how to disconnect, make sure your model He is not one of those who can give you a dislike. Just enter a forum specialized in your brand or car to see it.

What if I want to reconnect the battery?

If you want to reconnect the car battery, you have to repeat the same steps but in reverse .Do not forget to close the compartment again before closing the hood.

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