Although it does not yet exist, the Tesla Pick-Up has already left a rival, the Rivian R1T, a truck with 760 horses made in Illinois.

Rivian R1T: 760 horsepower and 1,100 Nm of torque, this could be the rival of the Tesla Pick-Up

Rivian R1T

It is likely that if you are at the top, many want to get to where these. Today Tesla is one of the leading manufacturers in electrical technology, and it is normal for other brands to look at the American company to reach the status it currently has. Rivian is one of them, and so is its first model, the R1T , the first rival of the Tesla Pick-Up.

Although it still does not exist, the Pick-Up of Tesla, which will arrive after the Model And that the Californian firm plans to launch in 2019, will be a truck with 500 kilometers of autonomy, all-wheel drive and will be based on the truck announced this year. Data that, in theory, could beat the Rivian R1T . Let's get to know it more thoroughly.

Rivian R1T

If something characterizes Tesla's models, it's because the gross power with which they count. The Rivian R1T would not be very different. It will have four engines, housed in each of the wheels, to offer total traction. The total power of the set, 765 horses and 1,119 Nm of torque , a real burrada. The acceleration figures, therefore, will be amazing, being able to reach 100 km/h from stationary in just 3 seconds. Not bad considering that we are talking about a truck.

Like many electric models, the Rivian R1T will mount the batteries in the floor of the platform, to also benefit from a lower center of gravity that will improve stability. The American firm will also launch two models with different capabilities. The first will have 130 kWh and will provide a range of 480 kilometers, while the largest range, up to 640 kilometers, will equip 180 kWh batteries

Rivian R1T

In case you forgot, we are talking about a truck with all-wheel drive, so it will be mainly destined to broken terrain and off the road. For this, the floor will be reinforced with carbon fiber, and the batteries with kevlar . To overcome any obstacle, it will incorporate a double wishbone suspension on the front axle and multi-link suspension on the rear, as well as adaptive shock absorbers.

If all goes well, at Rivian they are convinced that the R1T will go into production at 2020 in a former Mitsubishi plant located in Illinois. This factory would have the capacity to produce 350,000 units per year. Estimated prices start at $ 61,000 .

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