After several months of waiting, the Fiat Fastback Concept has made an appearance at the Hall of Sao Paulo, dazzling the industry with its design

The Fiat Fastback Concept revolutionizes the Sao Paulo Motor Show

Fiat Fastback Concept

A few days ago we told you that Fiat is developing a new SUV for Latin America . This model would be based on the pick up Toro , a model that is giving great joys to the Italian firm. Until then, few details were known about his development, because we did not know at what point his pregnancy was. However, by publishing a video, we knew it would be presented at the Sao Paulo Salon .

Well, the Brazilian event has already started, and the > Fiat Fastback Concept has left everyone with their mouths open. The model presented by the main firm of the FCA Group has surprised with futuristic lines and sculpted. In fact, if those responsible for the brand's product had assured that it would be based on the Bull, it does not appear to be the case.

Fiat Fastback Concept

The Fiat Fastback Concept breaks molds in the signature

The highlight of the Fiat Fastback Concept is its coupe silhouette . The front is the only plane that shares with the Bull, although conveniently updated to become a proto. The side view , in addition to showing a downward line of the roof, has wheel arches marked. The lines of tension that run through the doors give a powerful image that is highlighted by the rising line of the windows.

Other details that reveal that we are facing a concept special are the replacement of the Fiat logo of the calender and tailgate by the letters of the name. On the grill a plaque has also been inserted that indicates that we are in front of the Fiat Fastback Concept . A really beautiful set completes some optical groups (before and after) with a careful bill and integrated LED technology. In addition, it must be added that it lacks mirrors.

The passenger compartment , with five seats, demonstrates the evolution of the latest Fiat products. In the Fastback Concept we can see some minimalist lines that opt ​​for technology. Highlights the digital instrument panel and the infotainment system screen composed of a transparent screen. In addition, the air conditioning controls also become digital, leaving behind roulettes and physical controls (somewhat questionable).

Fiat Fastback Concept

Will the Fiat Fastback Concept arrive in Europe?

At first it is not foreseen that the new C-SUV coupe from Fiat will reach > Europe . However, it is a model that has been designed to fight against the Renault Arkana , so if this goes well, it could be the case.

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