Cleaning the resin that has fallen on the bodywork or cistales of a car is not an easy task, but with these tips and notions you will save yourself work and money.

How to remove car resin: tricks, tips and what not to do

How to remove resin from car body and glass

Stains of resin are the most difficult to remove from the body of a car . Especially, if a lot of time has passed since they fell on the painting. If this is your case, the following methods to eliminate them will be very helpful. Apply them in order to not work more than necessary. It may be that with the first steps you can remove them.

Resin stains are very common when you park the car under the trees. However, do not confuse it with molasses . This is a substance similar to resin because it is just as sticky, but it is produced by some aphids . As it can dissolve more easily, it is much easier to remove with water . Hence the importance of following one by one the steps that we indicate below.

Parking under a tree can stain your resin car, so it cleans up.

Pressurized hot water

Not all washing centers have hot water , but for the case at hand it is highly recommended. With a quick Google search or a couple of calls it will be enough to locate it. When using this type of pressure cleaning, a very useful tip to remove resin (and any other difficult spot) is to spend only one euro on soaping and wait to take the next one . In this way, you will get enough water and soap to take effect .

Always clarify before it dries, so 2 will suffice. or 3 minutes . When applying hot water, do it diagonally, not perpendicular to the sheet. This will make it easier to peel off the drops of resin from the body. The more flush you direct the better jet . With this step should be enough for the recent resin or molasses.

Clean resin or molasses from your car

How is resin different from molasses?

Although normally both they fall from the trees when they are sick, their origin and composition are very different.

  • The resin is segregated by the plant , usually for defend against a fungus or another type of disease. The most common is that it falls from coniferous trees .
  • Molasses is segregated by insects type aphid when feeding on the plant. Containing sugars is easier to dissolve with water, so it is easier to remove. It is common in other types of trees such as linden.

Specific products

If with the first method you have not been able to remove the spots, you will have discarded the molasses . You can try to remove the resin with a branded product. Any type of Sanmarino or Petronas could work, although they are not very effective, especially with resins that have long been attached to the bodywork. Follow the instructions of each manufacturer to the letter.

There are specific products to clean the resin of a car

Clay bar

This method is left for the third position because, although very effective, requires a lot work to execute well.Its composition allows to get between the stain stuck and the paint with some ease, so it is very useful to remove resin. It can be obtained for little money, but if the resin is distributed throughout your car you will need several packages. The instructions for using it will come in the package, but you should keep in mind the following steps when applying it :

  • If you have not done it while with the first step, > wash the car with pressurized water to remove particles that may scratch your car.
  • Re-spray the surface with soap and water to lubricate it. li>
  • Restrict the clay bar little by little to remove the resin.
  • When the surface of the putty is very dirty, massage it to introduce that dirt inside.

Remove the resin crystals

Of course, to remove the resin from the crystals of your car everything that we have recommended is valid. However, with the crystals it is not necessary to walk with so many looks , since it is not as easy to scratch as the paint. Apply water, soap, products with bioalcohol and use with care a blade to clean glass-ceramic. With all this it is very difficult to resist any drop of resin.

Clean the resin of the crystals of a car

Oil or diesel

We indicate the oil or diesel last because this type of liquids can be detrimental to some materials in your car. In the case of oil, do not touch the plastic parts or rubbers of your body, which can be complicated depending on the design of your car.

Diesel oil is not highly recommended because can be corrosive to the paint of your car . Before using these methods we recommend that, if you have not been able to remove the resin with the previous steps, take the car to a professional washing service. This measure is not cheap, but it will save you the typical dislikes that oil or diesel usually give.

If your car has difficult stains of other types, we recommend the article How to clean the windows of the car: mosquitoes, bird droppings, dust ... Many of the tips mentioned in it are also valid for the bodywork. You may be interested
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