The Volkswagen Tarok Concept has been officially presented at the Sao Paulo Motor Show, showing how the brand's next pick-up will be

The Volkswagen Tarok Concept looks palm hearts at the Sao Paulo Motor Show

Volkswagen Tarok Concept

A few days ago we showed you the first sketch of the next pick up that will launch Volkswagen in Latin America. This project was not a secret for anyone, but its development and design were safe. The reason is simple: Fiat is giving strong with the pick Toro , and the guys from Wolfsburg want to replicate their success. However, now that the Sao Paulo Motor Show has opened its doors we have seen it.

The Volkswagen Tarok Concept has been one of the great news of this appointment with regional character. The firm has been able to intelligently evolve the design lines we met in the Atlas Tanoak Concept . However, this pick up more than a pretty face is a declaration of intent. The reason lies in its wide possibilities of loading, keep reading and we tell you everything.

What's new in Tarok Concept's pick-up segment?

 Volkswagen Tarok Concept

In the presentation those responsible for Volkswagen have not confirmed which platform brings the Tarok Concept to life. At first it had been said that it would be based on MQB A0 , although something makes us think that it is developed on the wider MQB . To reach that conclusion we have noticed a curious detail that not all pick-ups include.

This curious detail has to do with the possibility of expanding the loading area . By means of a mobile panel located between the passenger compartment and the cargo area, plus the addition of the cockpit lid, the cargo surface is extended. Thanks to this novelty, the length of the bathtub goes from 1.20 meters with all seats occupied to 2.77 meters with the rear bench folded down. p>

Volkswagen Tarok Concept

Another piece of information that makes us doubt the use of the platform MQB A0 is the length of the Volkswagen Tarok Concept . According to the brand, with 5 meters it is located at 31 centimeters from the Amarok with a double cabin body. In addition, we must add the possibility of including all-wheel drive to the four wheels and some remarkable off-road dimensions, something that can not happen with the base of the Ibiza and Polo.

On a mechanical level, the Volkswagen Tarok Concept will include two options, one diesel and another gasoline. The presentation included the four-cylinder block 1.4 liter TSI 150 HP. The gearbox is automatic double clutch DSG and six relations. The engine force reaches the ground through the 4Motion all-wheel drive system. When it hits the market, it will also be a diesel version 2.0 liters TDI with 150 HP and the same configuration as gasoline.

The Volkswagen Tarok Concept keeps the air of family

Volkswagen Tarok Concept

The aesthetics of the Volkswagen Tarok Concept Reminds a lot of the brand's latest SUVs. The front perfectly blends Touareg and T-Roc and T-Cross features. The side area is the most personal, because with the roof bars and the pillar "C" so marked, gives the feeling of looking like a targa.From the start, we can see the Digital Cockpit of the brand, along with several digital controls. The screen of the infotainment system is covered by glass, encastrating with the blue lacquered of the dashboard. However, the quality of the materials seems to be one step behind their European models.

The equipment possibilities have not been revealed yet. These data, together with their official prices, we will have later. For now, the Tarok Concept is limited to the Latin American market , although later it could reach other regions of the globe. Europe could be one of them, because the pick segment seems to have been animated.

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