The eighth generation Porsche 911 will arrive in just a few months. We already have several images and we know more closely how their development tests are.

These 11 images let us see the new Porsche 911 almost without camouflage

Porsche 911 in development drift in the snow

The Porsche 911 will debut its eighth generation in just a few months . According to the Stuttgart company itself, the German sports car will reach the European market at the beginning of next year 2019, so we could be talking about, practically, a few weeks. For the moment, although they have not shown it completely in the open, they leave us a few images of several test mules practically without camouflage during their development stage.

As you know, the manufacturers test their products in all kinds of conditions before launching them definitively on the market, which helps them correct and polish some details to fully refine their vehicle before it reaches the first owners. Porsche kills two birds with one stone and, in addition to letting us see a good part of the body of the new 911, explains how they carry out this phase of development .

 Porsche 911 caravan in development

In addition to its extraordinary features, the suitability for everyday use is what has always distinguished 911. That's why we tested the car in all kinds of conditions.

The German firm tells us that the first tests focus on the chassis and the engine , two areas that have been improved to increase performance and ease of use. They also perform functions and effort tests on the entire passenger compartment and its components, such as the infotainment screens. Of course, the driving assistants are not left aside.

As expected, the new Porsche 911 has already been subjected to the most demanding tests by temperature differences , circulating in countries where it is easy to exceed 50 degrees . There they test the interior climate control, the temperature management, the fuel behavior and, on the other hand, the resistance and behavior of the interior materials. On the other hand, on Finnish roads, where you can see the -35 degrees centigrade, try the cold start, heating, motricity and braking, stability controls, etc.

Porsche 911 drift in circuit

In total, the Porsche 911 of the eighth generation will have covered about 3 million kilometers of test.

The legendary sports car, of course, also goes through speed circuits for its set-up and performance check in conditions of maximum demand. According to the brand, the "nueveonce" has been tested on the Nürburgring track, as well as on the Italian track of Nardò .

very demanding are the changes in altitude , carrying out tests in the Valley of Death, 90 meters below sea level, and in the spectacular Mount Evans, more than 4,300 meters of altitude .

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