The Kymco SuperNEX is a prototype of electric supercar. It has six gears, a lot of electronics, it does 0 to 250 in 11 seconds and it has active sound.

Kymco SuperNEX, electric revolution in super sports motorcycles

Kymco SuperNEX electric supercar motorcycle

It seems clear that the future of cars goes through the electrification. Well, more than cars, we should say about vehicles. Every time we see more means of transport that leave aside traditional engines in favor of electric propellers. It is already common to see even some electric motorbikes . And speaking of motorcycles, look at the Kymco SuperNEX that has just been unveiled at the International Motorcycle Show in Milan.

Purists do not usually like the vehicles of enjoy, as high-performance cars or super-sports bikes fall into electrification. However, if in the future of the two wheels there are electric supersport bikes, I hope I paint as well as this prototype of Kymco.

Still no no confirmation that this prototype presented a few hours ago materialized in production version, but, as the saying goes, " when the river sounds, water carries ". The Kymco SuperNEX does not have a very futuristic design, as it happens with many prototypes, but it fits perfectly with the current aesthetic standards

From 0 to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds, 0 to 200 in 7.5 and 0 to 250 km/h in only 10.9

Without thinking that everything was in aesthetics, in a design exercise, wait to see your benefits . It is true that the Taiwan firm has not offered data on the size, capacity and autonomy of its electrical system, but of the benefits and part of the technique of this prototype. If you thought that an electric motorcycle could not be fun, its performance will take away the idea of ​​your head in just a few seconds.

Allen Ko, president of Kymco, has made clear the intentions of this model. In addition to the brutal acceleration figures, which allow reaching 250 km/h from stationary in less than 11 seconds, it should be noted that the Kymco SuperNEX has a six-speed sports transmission.

Among other manufacturers, Brembo has worked with the braking system, Öhlins with suspensions and OZ Racing with the rims. The tires are the Metzeller Racetec RR.

Although it is electric, it has six gears to extract the maximum performance

Kymco SuperNEX side supercar electric motorcycle

Yes, it is common for electric vehicles do not count with a box of trucks to use, but only have a fixed ratio for its important torque. However, Allen Ko has stressed that the maximum power of electric motorcycles usually develops in the mid-range, losing energy in the high zone. That loss becomes even more noticeable at high speeds.

Kymco's SuperNEX prototype, with its six-speed transmission, delivers maximum power for much longer, so at all times we will have more power .The FEP system (Full Engagement Performance) allows us to regulate the range of action of these aids.

On the other hand, this electric supersport also has four driving modes that will vary the behavior and power delivery of the bike. As you will intuit, they will also affect the battery's autonomy. The Asian brand has named them in the following way: Calm, Positive, Energetic and Extreme .

Active sound; yes, on an electric motorbike

Kymco SuperNEX electric supercar motorcycle front profile

The most striking detail of the Kymco SuperNEX is its active sound system . The sound of every sports vehicle is something exciting, something that is lost with electric motors. Losing that big part of the passionate feeling does not do any good to a high performance bike. This active system of sound is variable on the part of the driver, both in character and in volume.

The brand says, and I quote textually, that "in addition to providing information to the driver of Continuously-communicates the increase in revolutions per minute and help you determine the change of gear, sound is one of the elements that reinforce the passionate connection with the vehicle. Each bike has its tone, intensity and delivery. "The sound not only speaks of the motorcycle, but also of the the driver's soul" ".

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