Peugeot Traveler by Tinkervan, the new original camper. We tell you all its possibilities, configurations, accessories and prices.

Presentation Peugeot Traveler by Tinkervan: tourism, business and camper

Peugeot Traveler by Tinkervan Camper

Yesterday we attended the static presentation of the new Peugeot Traveler by Tinkervan . Peugeot Spain showed us, live and direct, the versions camperizadas by Tinkervan of this model, gathering, in the same car, a vehicle that we can use as a tourist in the day to day, with the plus to make it a simple camper for our most adventurous escapades.

The lion brand has it quite clear, and that is that this market niche is growing by leaps and bounds. According to the data, the demand for this type of camper vehicles has grown no less than 120% in the last five years. The best of all, for Peugeot, is that it has very few rivals, and most are much more expensive. Let's see what the new Peugeot Traveler by Tinkervan offers us.

Many customers buy a van model to later transform it into a camper. The company of Peugeot and Tinkervan gives us our totally new vehicle already transformed with the levels of finishing, accessories and optionals that we want. In this way, maintains all the characteristics of the series model , without sacrificing elements of comfort or safety, and its use, assembly and disassembly is much easier for users.

Peugeot Traveler by Tinkervan Camper exterior

The version by Tinkervan of the Peugeot Traveler, as the standard model, is marketed in three different body lengths : 4, 60 meters, 4.95 meters and 5.30 meters. The best thing of all is that, even if it is a camperizado model with bedroom on the roof -according to versions-, the maximum height of the body does not exceed 1.90 meters , so you can access the old car parks with limited heights.

The Peugeot Traveler by Tinkervan, like the conventional model, takes the EMP2 modular platform.The children's bed measures 1.58 x 1.20 meters. If we lower the seats in the second row we get the adult bed, which measures 1.58 x 1.95 meters.

In addition, some optional can be added such as a 12-liter electric shower, an external 220-volt outlet or a bicycle rack at the gate; among others.

Prices Peugeot Traveler by Tinkervan

Peugeot Traveler by Tinkervan Camper superior bed

Quantity to add to the standard model, with motorization and chosen finish.

Camperization version Price
Camperization version Price
Happy € 2,800
Sunset € 4,550
Sunset + roof € 12,000
Dreams € 16,800
The delivery price is between 1 and 2 months, and can be approved as a tourist or mixed vehicle.

If you do not know, Tinkervan is a Spanish company created in Huesca in 2005 , being currently the leader in the field of camperiación. They take care of the entire process , such as the engineering and approval project, the acquisition of the necessary materials and products, the transformation of the vehicle, as well as the final legalization so that the customer can enjoy it from the first minute.

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