Fernando Alonso will get out of F1 after playing the Brazilian GP and will head towards his next appointment. We already know that the Brazilian GP will be his penultimate GP

The 6 Hours of Shanghai WEC 2018: Schedules and retransmissions

Fernando in the Toyota TS050

Fernando Alonso will be downloaded of the F1 after competing in the Brazilian GP and will set course for his next appointment. We already know that the Brazilian GP will be his penultimate GP in F1. But as it is also involved with the WEC, it will not rest too much, since this next weekend is 6 hours from Shanghai, the Chinese circuit will host the next World Endurance event to see how everything unfolds after those long hours in which anything can happen.

This will be the last appointment of the WEC season in 2018 , since after this race they will return with the North American appointments in March 2019 before returning again at 6 hours of Spa and the new 24 hours of Le Mans to repeat this appointment in the super season. We will see how everything is, since Alonso, Buemi and Nakajima are world leaders with 84 points ahead of the other Toyota TS050, Conway, Kobayashi and Lopez who have 71.

 Alonso sitting in the Toyota TS050

After that appointment, you know that Fernando Alonso will contest his last GP strong> of the F1 season, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix where Liberty Media and F1 will prepare a special act to dismiss him as he deserves. We'll see what it is, because it's a surprise. I would like that surprise was also on track, with some gesture of the pilots greeting the double champion when they finish the race or some special training ... However, there are still confirmations ...

After say goodbye to F1 , and after the WEC break, we'll see what Fernando does, since It remains to be confirmed if he will race in the Indy 500 or if he will do something in NASCAR. In fact, at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, he will exchange a car with the 7-time NASCAR champion as you know. Official confirmations are missing, and we will inform you. And so that you do not kick anything off the WEC, you know that it is likely to be given by DMAX, at least some piece, although it is not safe. But you can see it all on Eurosport:

Sunday 18 November 2018 - 04:00 Spanish time

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