After announcing his arrival timidly, the Toyota Hilux GR Sport has made an appearance at the Salon of Sao Paulo, although its production is limited

The Toyota Hilux GR Sport becomes a reality, although in limited series

Toyota Hilux GR Sport

The Toyota Hilux is one of the pick up's longevity of the market. This versatile model has lived virtually any situation, but the one that nowadays is given, I could never imagine. After the presentation of the Forg Ranger Raptor, the craze for vitaminized work vehicles has grown. For this reason, the GAZOO Racing guys have set out to create a Toyota Hilux GR Sport .

The news of his possible birth we had it made few days, but it has been at the Sao Paulo Motor Show where it has been confirmed. The Toyota Hilux GR Sport is presented as a limited version that, for now, is only available in Latin America. However, its reception will depend on whether it can reach other regions of the globe, such as Europe . You will have to cross your fingers to get here.

Does the Hilux GR Sport add something more to the Hilux saga?

Toyota Hilux GR Sport

The Hilux GR Sport is only available with double cab bodywork. The front touches and darkens the grill, including the name of the brand and not the logo. This area, as the side view is dressed in the black and red colors of GAZOO Racing . The door of the box, the alloy wheels and some details also incorporate these colors. On the whole, it is much more aggressive and radical than the Hilux to which we are all accustomed.

In the interior the details that betray the Hilux GR Sport are few, although careful. From the start, the GR logo is located in areas such as the headrest or the start button . A small plate that identifies the unit corresponding to the series is located behind the gear lever. The upholstery of the seats and the trim of doors also undergo changes, although they are of minor draft.

Is there any mechanical or technical change?

In the mechanical plane, the > Hilux GR Sport incorporates the engine Toyota 1GD 2.8 liters of 177 HP of power. The available gearbox is automatic or manual cut with 6 ratios that transfers the power to the four wheels. This mechanics is not the one used by the European version, but it is the one used by the one marketed in the Mercosur . Therefore, the changes in this section have not arrived.

Where they have introduced changes the GAZOO Racing guys is in the suspension . In this case, they have included some shock absorbers and harder springs. Now, the oscillations of the body are smaller, seeing more content on winding roads.

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