The segment of the monovolumes continues resisting in front of the clear dominion of the SUV. Meet all 7-seater MPV models on the market.

All 7 seater vans of the Spanish market

Renault Espace 1.6 dCi 160 CV Initiale Paris

It is undeniable that the SUVs have eaten the toast to the minivans , but they still have a lot to hold on to the crossover. The sales of these vehicles with a family spirit have reigned for a long time in the market of our country. Today, this segment continues to offer vehicles with very spacious rooms, very spacious luggage compartments and with a quite acceptable fuel consumption.

Therefore, there are still people who, among their purchase options, choose for a minivan and not for an SUV. So, in favor of this audience, let's see all the 7-seater MPVs that we can find on the market today:

BMW Series 2 Grand Tourer

Test BMW Series 2 Grand Tourer

The BMW car to travel , This is how the German brand defines the older brother of the Series 2 Active Tourer, the BMW 2 Series Grand Tourer . In its version without optional, this BMW offers five seats, however, there is the possibility of configuring a third row of seats to have seven seats. This minivan represents BMW's first contact in this segment of cars with capacity for seven seats. For the German firm, with the Series 2 Gran Tourer, the family comes first, as long as we avoid one of the dominant tonic in each and every one of its models: sportsmanship.

We are facing a car with more than 4.55 meters long. The trunk of the Series 2 Gran Tourer, when only five seats are deployed, is 645 liters , while when we deploy the seven available, the capacity is reduced to > 145 liters. This minivan offers engines with diesel versions that develop powers from 116 hp to 190 hp and gasoline from 140 hp up to 192 hp, with manual and automatic transmissions.

Following the dynamics of the brand, the starting price is higher compared to other models with similar characteristics: from 30,400 euros in its most accessible version.

Citroën Grand C4 SpaceTourer

 Citroen Grand C4 SpaceTourer

In the same way as with the previous BMW, Citroën offers us the possibility to convert this e Grand C4 SpaceTourer of five seats in a compact MPV with two more seats [for children and paying an extra]. And is that this model follows the tone of his little brother, the C4 SpaceTourer [successor of C4 Picasso], with that family spirit. This model is one of the most voluminous we can find in the market, both inside and outside; so if we have to highlight something of the Grand C4 SpaceTourer is the comfort .

The French brand endows this model with 4.60 meters long and a capacity of trunk of 645 liters when we have 5 seats in use and 130 liters when we deploy the remaining two.Part from 21,300 euros if we add the third row of seats in the configuration, a very competitive figure if we measure it with its more direct rivals.

Dacia Lodgy

Dacia Lodgy Stepway

Agree with the brand, the Dacia Lodgy is a compact low-cost people carrier available in five and seven seats, aimed at those audiences who are not looking beyond the basic , simple and functional . They do not pay attention to the details or the showiness. It is a very low cost vehicle and that affects the appearance and interior of the car and its finishes. Your price , your main advantage over your competitors, starts with only 10,693 euros in its most basic version with the option of the third row of seats selected.

With 4.49 meters long, the Lodgy offers 634 liters of capacity in the boot, which stays at a generous 207 liters strong> with the third row of seats unfolded. As for the engine of this model, we have three types: diesel, petrol and GLP , with powers from 95 to 115 HP. There is no option to automatic change in any version.

* If we want a somewhat improved version regarding the finishes and details of the Lodgy, there is the Dacia Lodgy version Stepway.

Fiat 500L Wagon

Fiat 500L Wagon

Derived from the conventional 500L, this model offers the possibility of having a car with a generous passenger compartment that can hold up to seven people, although the third row is aimed at children. Like the Lodgy, this Fiat can not boast of having an exterior appearance that lifts passions. On the contrary, it is considered one of the less attractive models. In any case: for tastes, colors.

The Italian firm gives the Wagon 4.35 meters long, somewhat lower than its main competitors. This handicap is also reflected in the volume of its trunk, which has a discrete 560 liters , which are reduced to 168 liters if we deploy the third row of seats available, which will basically serve to carry children occasionally.

The range of engines , gasoline, LPG and gas oil , they develop powers from 95 to 120 CV and with the change of gears that, according to the motor, can be manual or automatic. The price of the minivan can be found from 22,200 euros if we want to have 7 seats.

Ford Grand C-MAX

Ford C-Max - Grand C-Max

The American firm offers us several models capable of holding up to seven people inside their vehicles. The first one we have is the Ford Grand C-MAX, a mid-size MPV that measures 4.51 meters . As for the volume of the trunk , of environment 475-600 liters of capacity if we choose the configuration of 5 seats, it looks quite reduced as soon as we deploy the third row of seats , that stays in a 92 liters .

The range of engines is very wide, offering versions in gasoline, diesel and GLP ranging from 95 HP to 150 HP. As for the available gearboxes, we have two: the first manual type and the second one of automatic type .The volumes of the trunk are also outstanding, ranging from 1206-1301 liters if you opt for the configuration of five seats, and 300 liters if you opt for the 7. In it, there is more than enough space to comfortably accommodate seven passengers if you opt for that provision of seats, so we can say that one of its best virtues is the good amplitude that exists for the occupants of the third row.

The mechanical range of the Ford Galaxy is composed of two blocks gasoline and one Diesel , with powers from 120 HP to 240 HP in its most recent version. The gearboxes available for the Galaxy are two, one manual type another automatic. Currently, the prices of the Ford Galaxy can be found from 29,538 euros.

Ford S-MAX

Ford S-Max

Direct competition from Ford S-MAX is in his own home: the Galaxy. The S-MAX measures 4.79 meters long, and thanks to these measures can accommodate up to 7 passengers in its passenger compartment, although unlike the Galaxy, with them inside, its trunk cubica 285 liters instead of the 308 of the Galaxy. On the other hand, with five seats, the trunk cubes 700-1035 liters.

The mechanical range of the Ford S-Max is composed of two blocks gasoline and one diesel , with power from 120 to 240 HP. The gearboxes available for the Ford S-Max are two, one manual and automatic. As for the price , the Ford S-Max is found at 23.247 euros .

Ford Grand Tourneo Connect

Ford Grand Tourneo Connect Test

Inside the fan of possibilities offered by Ford in the acquisition of a vehicle capable of accommodating 7 seats, we also include the Ford Grand Tourneo Connect, a good option to compete with traditional minivans. This practical vehicle measures 4.82 meters and has a luggage capacity of up to 1.529 liters if we only deploy 5 seats and 322 liters if we deploy the 7 available.

Regarding the engine , it is offered only in a diesel version, with powers of 100 and 120 HP, with automatic transmissions as manuals. We can get the Grand Tourneo Connect from 19.788 euros.

Hyundai H1 Travel

Hyundai H1 Travel 2018

The largest model in the Hyundai family. A van capable of holding up to 8 occupants with maximum comfort. The H1 Travel Measures nothing more and nothing less than 5.15 meters , with a boot capacity of 851 liters, strong> enough space for luggage.

Motorization of the South Korean model is composed of a diesel block, with powers from 136 to 170 CV, with manual and automatic transmissions. The main strong of Kia is that it gives us 7 years warranty total with the purchase of its vehicles: the only one on the market that can say that.

From 4.52 meters in length, the trunk of the Karens cubes 100 liters with the third row unfolded and 492 folded. As for the range of engines , it is available for sale in diesel and gasoline versions, between 115 and 141 HP. There are two available gearboxes, one manual and automatic. The prices of the Kia Karens start around 14.408 euros .

Mercedes-Benz V-Class span>

Mercedes-Benz V-Class 2018

The German firm also offers a monovolomen that stands out for an elegant, luxurious and characteristic design, well above its competitors. The Class V offers a driving experience marked by comfort, but above all by agility, something out of the ordinary in this segment.

This unique minivan offers three bodies where you can hold up to 8 passengers. First of all, we have the Compact version, with a length of 4.89 meters and capacities of the trunk from 2,400 liters [5 seats in use ] to 610 liters [8 seats deployed]. Next we have the Long trolley, with 5,14 meters long and volumes in the boot from 2,820 liters [5 seats in use] to 610 liters [8 squares deployed]. And, finally, we have the Extralarge body, with 5.37 meters long and with capacities from the boot from 3.200 liters [5 seats deployed] to 1,410 liters [8 seats in use].

The engine range consists of a single block of diesel, with powers developed from 136 to 204 HP and with manual and automatic transmission. The uniqueness and elegance of this minivan is aimed at the most demanding public, and that is paid. Therefore, the price starts from 46,649 euros in its most basic version.

Nissan Evalia

Nissan Evalia NV200 eNV200

The Japanese firm defines this model as a versatile partner: spacious, resistant and built for family fun . The Evalia presents a compact exterior dimensions [4.40 meters in length] , but ensures an interior with great possibilities. The luggage capacity is at a generous 2,000 liters available if we deploy 5 seats and 900 liters if we have seven seats in use. p>

The range of engines offers us two engines, one turbodiesel and another gasoline , both with developed power of 110 HP and with a single manual transmission system.Regarding the price of this model of the German firm, we can find it from 20,811 euros .

Opel Vivaro Combi

Opel Vivaro

Opel also offers vans- campers with their Vivaro Combi . The German firm offers the possibility of obtaining a house on wheels from 18,666 euros [VAT not included] with developed powers of 95, 125 and 145 HP, composed solely of diesel engines from the CDTI family.

The gearbox available in the mechanical range is of the manual type. It can hold up to 9 seats thanks to its 4.99 meters long with the Combi body and 5.39 meters with the long body Combi +. The boot capacity varies depending on the body we choose: The normal, with 6 seats in use, we have 2500 liters and 9 seats 1000 liters . With the Combi + or Long, the capacity of the boot with 6 seats is 3400 liters and with 9 seats 1800 liters .

Peugeot Traveler

Peugeot Traveler

The French brand of the lion offers us the Peugeot Traveler , being the Long version the largest body of this minivan, capable of up to 8 and 9 passengers. There are three body types, the Compact of 4.6 meters long, the Standard of 4.95 meters and the Long of > 5.3 meters in length. In this way, between these bodies, the Traveler can travel between 5 and 9 passengers in addition to having a trunk volume between 1,500 and 4,900 liters Manual and automatic From € 31,097

As for the range of engines, it is offered with three different and all are diesel , 115, 150 and 180 HP in its most powerful version . Regarding the transmission, it is a manual of six speeds and with manual and automatic transmissions. Your price starts from 31.097 euros.

Renault Espace

Renault Espace 1.6 dCi 160 HP Initiale Paris

The Renault Espace is a minivan to medium path of an SUV . It is available in 5-door body and can have five or seven seats. The French brand endows its model with 4.85 meters in length, with very generous trunk capacities. It has 660 liters in the versions of five seats, and while in the seven it is reduced to 240 liters with the last row seats folded.

The motorization of the Espace offers us versions in diesel and gasoline , with powers from 130 to 225 HP. The price starts from 28,797 euros.

Renault Grand Scenic

Renault Grand Scenic 2016

The Grand Scénic is a more spacious version than the standard Scénic, the which has seven seats instead of five.The developed power goes from 110 to 160 HP, with manual and automatic changes. Regarding the price, the Renault Grand Scénic starts from the 17.650 euros .

Seat Alhambra

Seat Alhambra 20th anniversary

The Spanish brand also competes in this segment with the Seat Alhambra , an MPV enviable for its capabilities of the boot and passenger compartment. For this reason, the Alhambra is the flagship because of its size and transport capacity. This large MPV exceeds 4.85 meters in length, with a trunk that cubes 885 liters if opted for the configuration of five seats, and 300 if you opt for the seven.

This space gives the two seats of the last row a comfort and amplitude more than decent, in addition to a quick and easy access to all seats thanks to a sliding door. The range of engines offers versions in diesel and gasoline , developing powers of 115 and 150 HP, with manual or automatic gearbox. The price by which we can get with this MPV round the 35.138 euros with the extra 7 seats.

SsangYong Rodius

SsangYong Rodius 2019

The Korean firm can boast of having, if not the most, one of the largest vehicles in the segment . The Colossus of Rhodes of the minivans. With a huge size, the SsangYong Rodius is a model with some measures and use of the interior totally enviable by its competitors. In addition, recently he has released a new restyling .

The layout of the rear seats of the Rodius is particular (2 + 2 + 3) Unlike the seating arrangement of the rest of the 7-seater monovoluemens (2 + 3 + 2), in the 5,13 meters of the Rodius there is room for a first row of two seats, a second of two single seats and a third row of three seats.

The trunk offers nothing more and nothing less than 875 liters capacity with the three rows deployed and up to 1,975 liters with two. Practically there are no alternatives in the market unless we want to buy a van with these capabilities. As for the engine, it is sold with a single turbo diesel engine 178 HP. The change can be manual or automatic. The Rodius 2018 range is on sale from 24,000 euros in its most accessible version.

Toyota Prius Plus

Toyota Prius +

As the name suggests, the Toyota Prius + is the big brother of Toyota's more-known hybrid: the Prius . In this case, the minivan of the Japanese firm stands out for being on sale only with a engine hybrid low consumptionWith a single 136 hp hybrid engine, the Prius Plus leaves few options to choose between one version or another in terms of the range of motorization. The price of the Japanese minivan can be found from 25.450 euros .

Toyota Proace Verso

Toyota Proace Verso - Toyota Proace Van

The Japanese firm also leaves us a model that, despite having an origin in the segment of vans, can boast of getting away from that conceptualization. It is a vehicle that is closer to the characteristics of a car than to a van. The Toyota Proace Verso has a cabin for large families, capable of holding from five to nine seats , depending on the needs of each case.

We can find it in different sizes according to the three bodies offered by Toyota: 4.6 meters [Compact], in 4.9 meters [Medium] and in 5.3 meters [Long]. The trunk volumes handled by the Proace Verso are in 1400-1356 liters with 5 seats deployed in the Compact version, in 640-603 liters in the Medium version with 7 seats deployed and in 1060-989 liters in the Long version if we use the seven seats.

The range of engines are all available diesel , from 95 to 177 HP, with both manual and automatic transmissions. The price for which we can find Proace Verso is from 29,000 euros [Compact] , 30.5000 euros [Media] and 34,000 euros [Larga].

Volkswagen Sharan

Volkswagen Sharan 2015

The twin brother of the Seat Alhambra, sharing much of its design, equipment and engines with the MPV of the Spanish firm and no differences to highlight except the price, being the Volkswagen Sharan somewhat more expensive. Like the Alhambra, access to the seven seats of the Sharan is comfortable thanks to sliding doors.

With 4.85 meters in length, houses the same capacity in the trunk than the Alhambra: 885 liters with the five squares deployed and 300 with seven. The engine , in versions diesel and one of gasoline , range from 115 to 220 HP, with manual and automatic changes. Your price is from 37.250 euros if you do not consider campaigns or promotions.

Volkswagen T6

Volkswagen California

The German firm also offers the Volkswagen T6 family , a range of vehicles associated with leisure, family, tourism, beach and/or mountain capable of holding up to 9 passengers. Among the models of this family, we highlight four in particular: El Caravelle, Multivan, California and Caddy.

The California range (Beach and Ocean versions) ) is available with engines from 102 to 204 HP starting with a price from 36,370 euros .

In the case of Outdoor, we have the Caddy and Multivan. The first with engines from 102 to 150 HP and with a price that starts at 19.630 euros .The Caravelle, part of the 27,000 euros and develops powers from 102 to 204 HP. And to the Multivan version "The Origianl" we can buy it from 32.050 euros with engines of 102 and 150 HP.

Volkswagen Touran

Volkswagen Touran Best in Class EuroNCAP

The Touran is synonymous with family. This guarantees plenty of comfort for each and every one of the occupants. The model of the German firm measures 4.52 meters long and cubica in its trunk a generous 743 liters with five seats in use, a figure that is reduced to 137 liters with 7 seats unfolded.

The SUV is marketed with engines gasoline and diesel, with powers developed from 110 to 190 CV, with manual and automatic gearboxes. We can buy it from 27.100 euros.

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