These are all the steps you must take to register the car on your own. A not very complicated process with which you can save good money.

How to register a car to save me the cost of management

How to register the car

To register a car yourself You have to be clear about the procedures that you must complete. There are many or too complicated, but as in any bureaucratic process, we must be careful not to end up going around more than necessary. Therefore, although it is an extra cost to buy a car, it is a process that most people leave to the dealer.

If you decide to do it on your own, you can save yourself a lot of money, since depending on the brand they can charge you between 200 and 400 euros . Now, save yourself one or two mornings to complete all the paperwork. You will have to comply with the Tax Agency, with your municipality and with Traffic. In addition to putting the plates yourself if the dealer does not do it when you take them.

First step: get all the documentation of the car

Ask for all the documentation at the dealership You will need it because in it comes data such as the figures of approved emissions of the car, its fiscal power or the type of vehicle it is. A very relevant information for when you are going to pay the taxes of registration or circulation.

Second step: Registration Tax

Model 576 Registration tax to register the car

This is different depending on the level of emissions of CO2 that your car has. It is a percentage of the net value of the vehicle. That is, its value without taxes:

  • Less than 120 g/km: exempt from the registration tax
  • Between 120 and 160 g/km: 4.75%
  • Between 160 and 200 g/km: 9.75%
  • More than 200 g/km: 14.75%.

Payment of the circulation tax is made through the model 576 . You can pay it electronically in the Electronic Office of the Tax Agency, although for that you will not be able to give your data or with the Cl @ ve system, you will have to have an electronic DNI.
Calculate what you should pay with the percentages that we give you above. If you do not do it telematically the bank will give you the Full Reference Number or NRC code , which is what you need to submit the form later. Once it is paid they must give you a proof of payment that you will need when you go to Traffic.

Third Step: Tax of Circulation

Now you must pay the Traffic Tax corresponding to your car. It is a municipal tax, so you must process it with the town hall of the municipality where you are registered. Its amount depends on the tax power of your car and the place where you have to pay it. Once it is paid they should give you a proof of payment that you will need when you go to Traffic.

The best thing you can do is check the website of your town hall > the payment methods. Normally it can be done telematically.Once you have done everything, they will give you the definitive documentation and the registration number that corresponds to you.

Fifth step: order the license plates

Go to a center where they sell approved car license plates . You will have to take the original documentation of the car and provide your personal information: name and surname, address and ID. Remember that you must take the license plates when you pick up the car, to put them there and take the car without further complications.

Order license plates to register the car yourself

There are several ways to put them: screw, tack or double-sided adhesive tape . You decide, but take everything you need if at the dealership you go to, they will not put them on. If you have to pierce them, we recommend that you use a drill with a specific drill for 4 mm plastic. Do it little by little and be careful not to give it too much spin when you drill.

Can I choose the license plate of my car?

In Spain no because it goes in order of request. There are countries where you can do it , at the same time you can transfer the number between people. This generates a whole sale market of license plates with figures ranging from a few hundred pounds to exorbitant amounts. For example, in the United Kingdom there are license plates such as the Bugatti Veyron that showed the license plate "F1" with a price of 14,412,093 pounds sterling, which at the current exchange rate of 16.3 million euros. That is, a price much higher than the already very expensive supercar.

If you want to know more about your car's license plates do not miss the article: How to consult the traffic fines for registration. It's easier than some insurers and associations want to imply. You may be interested
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