All the signings and movements have been made official to leave the 2019 F1 grid complete, so here we show you

OFFICIAL: confirmed the complete F1 2019 grid

Pilot Group F1 2018

Little by little we have been remodeling the current Formula 1 grid in AM, with each official release of the signings we were shaping it and analyzing the possible future movements depending on the contracts and the rumors that were moving through the paddock. Now the last announcement that has yet to be confirmed has been confirmed, I am referring to the signing of Alexander Albon by Toro Rosso . It was the only seat that was not yet known if Brendon Hartley would continue or if he would be replaced.

Rumors have been changing from some who thought he would stay Hartley because he was not doing it so bad and they would give him another chance to others who placed him outside the team and being replaced by a large list of possible names, although finally it was a young Thai driver of 22 years who will team together with the Russian Daniil Kvyat. And he does it with a movement that leaves the Nissan team of Formula E in a situation that is a bit compromised and that will not be able to count on him for the imminent electric season. He is an ex-Red Bull player who has been re-fished, as the Red Bull youth team has gone from boasting of being the best to being in a complete drought of talents ...

 Alexander Albon

Once this signing was confirmed, we can now see the complete F1 2019 grid . As we know, it is possibly the year with the most movements and changes of the last years, with many pilots leaving and new ones arriving, accompanied by other movements of the current teams that change from one team to another. No doubt it was a very lively summer and end of the year in terms of this type of news with all the signings.

Certainly this F1 2018 season has been very beautiful, with a Ferrari superior to the Mercedes making the World Championship much more interesting than 2014, 2015 and 2016, and even more fierce than last year when Ferrari was very close to Mercedes. We had rain in some circuits, we had surprises in others, in some where it seemed that a team of the two dominant ones would not win and vice versa.

In addition, there were more overtaking than expected in some circuits where there are usually not, except for Monaco, where honestly, the historic and legendary circuit seems more boring every year ...

That said, let's see how it is the grid of F1 2019

  • Ferrari : we already know that they are still betting on Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc enters as the young promise and hope of Maranello to make things difficult for them Vettel and thus encourage the performance of the German or even beat him ...
  • Mercedes : Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas repeat, a Hamilton that goes through one of his best years in what he leads in F1, polishing the weak points that he had and doing a very good season. Bottas I hope he'll make it more complicated the following year, since he has been very passive and not very aggressive this year.
  • Red Bull : Max Verstappen continues as the aspiring champion in the team of energy drinks and also Pierre Gasly from Toro Rosso to cover the gap left by Ricciardo.
  • Haas : he stays with his two pilots, although they have shown Somewhat exaggerated lack of performance and professionalism. Being the 4th best car and have been truly black to reach the 5th place in the world, far behind what was expected.The other seat is for the Mexican Sérgio Pérez. It is not the best couple, much less, but be careful because Force India will put a lot of money into development to rise much more in 2019 and it could be the big surprise along with Red Bull-Honda if the binomial works.
  • McLaren : Fernando Alonso leaves and Carlos Sainz arrives. Juanto to him, another young driver, Lando Norris who will be the one who also occupies the gap left by Stoffel Vandoorne who has also been fired despite his talent. You know, as we discussed in AM, that Stoffel will be a Mercedes simulator driver in F1 and he also has a seat in Formula E.
  • Sauber : Marcus Ericsson leaves, Swedish He has been relegated from his seat and has sought a place in the American Indy for 2019, where he will meet Alonso. Charles Leclerc has been promoted as I said, and there was an exchange for Kimi Räikkönen. Along with the Finn, the young Italian Antonio Giovinazzi will also enter to test and see if Ferrari could one day count on him or not.
  • Toro Rosso : this is the last seat that was missing confirm, now and let's say that together with Daniil Kvyat Alexander Albon will sit down. We will see how the thing goes between this young driver and the Russian who returns after being punished and "abused" by Red Bull after downloading it from the Red Bull and sitting on a Toro Rosso to finally download it also from the Toro Rosso.
  • Williams : we already know that what seemed impossible has come true, Robert Kubica has fulfilled his dream and returns to drive a Formula One after his accident in the rally. Next to him will be George Russell. A rookie in front of an experienced and an extreme talent. How will the Grove team go in 2019 with this lineup? It's a mystery.

And to this we must add that Liberty Media has allowed things that were not allowed in the past, like certain celebrations. Of course, I would not like to say goodbye without also talking about the signings of technicians, which has also been or is still moving the market and possibly soon we will announce more signings by the big teams ... Soon the winter will come with the developments, missing a few weeks to start building the cars of 2019 with this new regulation for the front and rear wings, in a few months we will have the new cars here and back to start, this time, without Fernando Alonso, who will be missed very much .

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