All the information about the tinted windows: advantages, homologation, price, tinting process, how to remove the tinted windows ... Do you want to tint your moons?

Tinted windows: everything you want to know about the tinting of moons

tinted windows

It's becoming more and more common to see cars with tinted windows In some models it is part of the standard equipment or can be ordered directly from the factory when buying the car, but there are times when we find the need to tint the moons. In order to take this step, there are many things to keep in mind that we are going to review.

If you want to know what the tinted moons are for , which says the law and the ITV Regarding the approval of the tinted windows, how much it costs to tint the windows or if you have any doubt regarding this increasingly common process, read on.

What are the tinted windows?

 Solar sheet

Solar sheet

What we commonly call tinted windows , they are the original glasses of the vehicle to which they have been attached by their internal face a few sheets of p lastic Actually, we should call them laminated, since the tinted windows are the ones that come from more or less colored. It is easy to see many colors, with crystals of blue or greenish tones.

What is the use of tinted windows?

Aesthetics is a determining factor

Aesthetics is a determining factor

Las mounas tinted have many functions, beyond the aesthetic, which is in most cases the most valued by those who seek a tinted glass. They are a very practical element that especially improves comfort in the passenger compartment and provides privacy to passengers .

Tinted windows improve the interior comfort of cars as one of their Functions is Protect from the sun . They are especially useful if children travel or if we live in very hot areas, as the car will heat less and we will need less energy to cool it in any situation, which translates into lower fuel consumption. Did you ever think that tinted windows would help you save fuel?

Air conditioning

At the same time they offer protection against UV ultraviolet rays . This protection provided by tinted glass helps reduce eye fatigue and protects plastics and upholstery from the wear that the sun can cause over time. Our car will not age so quickly.

Intimacy is another key factor of tinted windows. With them, it is more difficult to see what is or who travels inside a vehicle. They can avoid that if we leave any visible object in the trunk or in the rear seats, a friend of the alien can get to see it and break some of the crystals to take it.


With tinted windows we can also avoid glare when driving at night. The darkened rear window will prevent the cars behind us from following us.If a window were broken, it would not explode projecting hundreds of glass chips, since the solar sheet attached to the glass would prevent them from scattering. In this case, they work as if it were a laminated glass.

Approved tinted moons


When it comes to tinting the moons, in Spain it is essential that the sheets that are going to to be approved , in any other way, they could sanction us or the car could not pass the ITV if they detect them.

In order for tinted windows to be homologated, it is necessary for the workshop to place them on us. provide us a laboratory certificate that collects the model of sheet used and its specifications, as well as place and date of installation, workshop data and data of our own vehicle.


The certificate will not have any validity if in addition the moons They are not properly sealed. Each of the crystals that are tinted must have a stamp that identifies them as approved, either engraved on the sheet itself or in the form of a small sticker that is placed between the adhesive sheet and the glass. This is essential for the ITV or to avoid a possible sanction by traffic authorities.

It is also essential requirement for the tinting of windows that the vehicle has two exterior mirrors

strong>, one on each side.

Keeping these three requirements, nothing more will be needed and we can circulate with confidence . It is not necessary to pass an extraordinary ITV of homologation or include them in the technical sheet. It is important to understand that the fact of passing an ITV with tinted moons not approved does not imply that they comply with all the rules and that traffic will not fine us. Something may have been overlooked.

Front tinted windows

audi-a4-front-tinted windows

If you're wondering if it's possible to tint the front windows, the answer is a resounding no If we talk about Spain, of course. In our country it is only allowed to tint the rear windows , from the B-pillar backwards. Neither the front side windows nor the front window can be tinted. Police vehicles are an exception, for security reasons.

On our roads we can often see foreign cars (French many times) that have tinted windows, since in some countries legislation allows it. We insist, in Spain, tinting the front windows totally or partially is forbidden, whatever the level of opacity of the sheet.

Colored tinted windows

moons tinted with yellow

When choosing the sheets for tinting of crystals, for tastes, colors. You can choose between several tonalities and even levels of opacity of the adhesive sheets.As happens when you put a screen protector to the mobile, there can not be a speck of dust on it or it will not be all right. The best you can do is use soap and water and work in an environment where there is not much dust or pollen in suspension. Doing it indoors is usually a better idea than doing it out in the open.

Step 2 - Crop

If the sheet is large, cut it so that it has a manageable size, similar to the window where you will put it . Then, place it on it to take the real measurements and cut it with a cutter. It's better to leave some extra margin when you cut it this way. If you fall short there will be no solution, but if you pass you will have time to review it when you hit the inside.

Step 3 - Spray with water and soap

You must remove the protective layer to the sheet and wet it with a spray of water and a little diluted soap Do the same with the inside of the glass, which is where you're going to stick it. By doing this, the glue that has the tinted film rehydrates and recovers its adhesive properties. Be careful because it is very strong once it has dried. While still wet you can move the sheet on the glass to fit it in place.

Beware of heat

Do not put the sheets on your car when it is very hot. Doing it with hot crystals reduces the drying time and leaves you less room to properly glue the adhesive.

Step 4 - Paste the sheet

In this step it is important to be conscientious and act decisively , to prevent the glue from drying out before we finish the job. Remember that you've cut leftover sheet, so make sure all the glass is covered, but it does not need to be completely centered . Use a felt spatula to remove bubbles and liquid that remain inside. For this it is better to go from the inside out to the edge that is closest. Look at the instructions for the sheet you buy because in some you also have to wet them on the other side or apply a little heat with a dryer.

Step 5 - Cut out again

Once the sheet is pasted, touch one of the most delicate parts of the process. Trim the sheet uniformly and without irregularities that affect the result of the work. To facilitate this work, we recommend that you use a very sharp cutter and that you do not rush to the edges. If it goes as far as it is inserted in the door, it will take off as you open and close the glass.

Step 6 - Clean again

You must clean the car's glasses thoroughly outside to leave a professional and shiny appearance . So your car will look good, ready to show off its new tinted windows.

Price of the tinted windows

How much does it cost to put tinted windows? This question has a difficult answer. Prices depend on many factors, but one of the most influential is the type of vehicle . It does not cost the same to tint the windows of a SEAT Mii than those of a Renault Trafic. Logically, the Mii has fewer crystals and requires less labor time and less material.As an average figure, a tinting of moons could come to cost between 150 and 200 euros .

moons -tinted

At the time of choosing a workshop to tint the moons it is advisable to choose one with experience to obtain the highest quality finish and the best guarantee. Resorting to tinted windows that are sold on large surfaces is not advisable, since many can cause problems for the approval and, of course, placing a tinted glass is something that requires experience if you look for a good finish Nothing like trusting a professional. If we are going to resort to these products, at least it is convenient to inform ourselves at our nearest ITV station that they are homologated and we will not have problems.

Other doubts about tinted windows

tesla tinted windows

Many people are the ones they have doubts when it comes to tinting the moons . It is important to clarify that tinted windows do not interfere with the correct functioning of the GPS signal, the thermal rear window or the third brake light. They do not affect the vehicle's warranty either.

Many people, although it may seem like a lie, wonder if from inside the vehicle you see . The answer is yes, it looks. However, as the sheets are darker, it is likely that we will lose some luminosity in low light conditions, such as in garages.

Neither are there any regulations that make the use of the L of novice drivers incompatible with tinted windows.

Remove tinted windows

The stripper is a must-have for removing tinted windows

The decapador is an essential tool to remove tinted windows

It is good to know that if we have tired of some tinted windows in a certain color, if we want to replace them with others or if we simply want to get rid of them, it is possible to remove the tinted windows . This is a job that we can do ourselves, but requires patience.

To remove the moons first we apply heat with a decapador to the outside of the glass, where the sheet It is not stuck. Little by little we will remove the adhesive sheet. The heat will make the operation easier, which will require patience.

Once the sheet is removed and all the pieces that may have been stuck together, it is time to clean the crystals . There will be a lot of glue adhering to the crystals, so we will remove it with a glass blade and soapy water, avoiding scratching the glass. It is very important to be careful with the decapador, since it could get to damage the painting or some plastic moldings if there is an excess of temperature. With the blade you will have to avoid at all costs the thermal threads of the rear window or the antenna , in the cars that have it integrated in the glass. If you cut these threads, you would probably have to change the whole moon.

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