The bleeding of distrust of the quality of Sebastian Vettel and criticism have not stopped. After proclaiming champion Hamilton still cotinúan the comments.

Vettel continues to lose credibility and receives harsh criticism

Vettel finger victory

Lewis Hamilton has proclaimed himself champion again and everything is praise for him. The Briton has been able to deal in some races where the Mercedes had serious problems, especially with the tires. It was Hamilton himself who came out quickly in defense of Vettel, since criticism of the German does not do him any good either, since they let him see that he has faced a weak opponent and has not won against a strong champion.

The Italian press has been especially tough with Sebastian Vettel , and they have not been the only ones, the criticisms have come from within the Ferrari team itself and also from the paddock, journalists from other countries and almost from all fronts, even questioning whether the 4 worlds you have are deserved or not. In fact, I made a compilation with the comments that had been said of Vettel in another article, but it turns out that it has quickly become outdated and have continued saying more ... There are even some that I have not put, but now a new batch of criticisms and are those that will compete this article.

Vettel accident in the Russian GP 2016

So let's go to continue with the comments that have been said lately:

  • Inside the Ferrari team it seems that there are engineers, mechanics and personnel who prefer Fernando Alonso before Vettel ... Maranello is not happy, a member has said lately " Vettel is a great driver, but Fernando Alonso is not. ". An anonymous person from Maranello told the journalist Nigel Roebuck from MortorsportWeek. Vettel defends himself as he can from criticism by saying he does not read the press, especially the Italian one, and that his best moment is yet to come, but next year he will not have it easy, many eyes will be on him and the pressure could be even worse that this year, because if he did not win, probably Ferrari would consider replacing him and that without counting Charles Leclerc, which if he puts pressure from the neighboring box could be worse. So far he has had an off Kimi, who was literally "puteaban" in the race with strategies to clearly favor Vettel. Will that be next year or will those of Maranello be hurt with the German for having thrown away a World Cup that had practically won?
  • The own boss of Ferrari, Arrivabene : " There was a moment in 2018 when we were phenomena, then a phase in which the finger pointed to the pilot and finally a period arrived in which the car was the target. In the end, we understood, even more, that we won and lose all together. There were mistakes by Vettel and, to a lesser extent, by the team ". And I insist, when Fernando Alonso was in Ferrari and the cars of Maranello were as they were ... the disappointed was Alonso because he did everything possible to win and the car did not allow it, almost gave grace in Italy because Fernando took the red car where He deserved to be and avoided the ridiculous Ferrari. But this year they have behaved and have managed to make the best car ... this year there were no excuses, not the past, but this year the car was even better. Vettel has not proven to be a champion. That is clear.
  • Felipe Massa has been one of those who have added fuel to the fire. " Vettel and Ferrari lost opportunities this year, but I think Sebastian is more to blame than the team. Germany was especially painful. Vettel could have won, but he lost 25 points in full. There were also errors in classification, incorrect strategies, and unnecessary contact with Bottas in France.It is the case of the half Autosprint that has dedicated its cover to Hamilton dressed in the red jumpsuit, and has made an analogy with football: " Would you like? " says on the cover, and added in the publication " LH44 in Maranello as CR7 in Juventus? ".
  • Other media , such as MotorsportWeek: " Alonso has refused to himself chances of success, but it is no less true that Ferrari has denied itself two world championships by allowing Alonso to open the door and leave. It is undeniable that Vettel has compromised its options with its mistakes. A recent analysis, in which the errors of Vettel are eliminated, shows that the German would lead the classification with 24 points of advantage before the GP of Mexico. Adding the result of Mexico, you would have 30 margin points with only 50 remaining. The title would be yours without problems. ".
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