The FCA Group has decided that the Fiat Toro mute in RAM 1000 for certain markets in Latin America, thus completing the range of the American manufacturer

The Fiat Toro mutates RAM 100 for certain markets in Latin America

RAM 1000

When the FCA Group took over from the late Chrysler Group LLC their operations were in chaos. As time has passed, the future of the firms that were part of the starry pentagon has been clarified. RAM and Dodge were the most benefited, because thanks to their separation they have been able to create a strong model range. Proof of this, is that these days they rob Fiat el Toro to incorporate the RAM 1000 .

The Fiat Toro is one of the pick up most successful in Latin America. However, the FCA Group wants to boost the image and sales of RAM. To do this, it has decided that in certain countries, the Toro will become part of the range of the American manufacturer. In this way, along with the RAM 700 , RAM 1200 , RAM Van and RAM 700 Rapid , the RAM 1000 .

Change of logo, and little else, to reinforce your identity

RAM 1000

As has happened before, the RAM 1000 is a highlight of the Fiat Toro . It is true that the Italian pickup has one of the most graceful aesthetics of its segment, so it does not need big changes. In this way, those responsible for RAM have limited themselves to replace the logos and change some exterior and interior moldings. Alloy wheels, roof rails and boot covers have also been revised.

The same goes for the mechanical range that will encourage the pick up Italo-American The fuel block E-TORQ EVO has 1.8 liters of displacement and develops 130 HP of power. This engine is associated with a manual gearbox with six ratios. The force of the engine can reach the ground through a system of all-wheel drive or series, to the previous axis.

RAM 1000

At the commercial level, the countries where the RAM 1000 will be seen are the following. Bolivia, Chile, Colombia , Costa Rica, Ecuador , El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and Peru. To announce this change, the FCA Group has attended the International Motor Show in Bogota ​​strong>. The first one to receive it will be Colombia, although for now there is no confirmation of prices and equipment levels.

It's a pity that Grupo FCA has not sold this product in Europe .

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