The segment of the SUV's, including electric versions, does not stop growing and shows the Honda Everus VE-1 that arrives, exclusively for China

Only for China, comes the Honda Everus VE-1, a new electric SUV

Honda Everus VE-1

How many times have we said that the > SUV fever does not seem to have brake. To it, we must add the imminent electrification of each and every segment of the market. If we join one and another concept, the recipe for a new success is more than guaranteed. As a result, it is the all electric roads that will mark the way forward for the brands and as proof is the Honda Everus VE-1 .

The result of the collaboration between Honda and GAG (Guangzhou Automobile Group) emerges this all electric urban road. The Honda Everus VE-1 is neither more nor less than the HR-V we know in Europe, or the Japanese Vezel. However, for the Chinese market it has adopted a new face as well as technical features . In addition, it will be sold under the signature Everus, but so that the public does not get lost, "Honda" will be very present in it.

What does the Honda HR-V the Everus VE-1 electric offer?

Honda Everus VE-1

At a technical level, the Honda Everus VE-1 strong> has an electric motor located on the previous axis. It has a power of 160 HP (120 Kw) and a maximum torque of 280 Nm. The lithium-ion battery pack has an energy capacity of 53.6 kWh . Thanks to this, you can travel with a load a distance of 340 kilometers according to the NEDC standard.

In everyday use, the real autonomy will be below 300 kilometers . However, Honda has provided the Everus VE-1 with a driving mode selector. The available programs are three: Normal, Energy Saving and Sport. With the second, the retention of the system will be greater and therefore, the autonomy of the electric B-SUV would grow slightly.

Honda Everus VE-1

The aesthetic of the Honda Everus VE-1 is very similar to the Honda HR-V . The optical groups LED, front grille and bumper are new wedge. The socket for charging the batteries is located on the front grill, behind a plastic lid. The logo has also undergone changes, as Everus has its own. However, it reaches 4.3 meters long and 1.6 meters high, therefore, the interior habitability must be the same as in the HR-V.

The commercialization of the Honda HR-V electric will only be available in China . Its price is in the range of 22 thousand euros , a figure contained for the type of vehicle in question. All in all, Europe is not among the brand's plans to launch this, or another similar model. Therefore, we will have to wait for the Urban EV to arrive, that everything has to be said, it's cooler.

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