This coming weekend the Brazilian Grand Prix of F1 2018 is held, the penultimate race for Fernando Alonso and a very interesting circuit

F1 Grand Prix of Brazil 2018: Schedules and retransmission

GP of Brazil 2015 reforms

This next weekend starts the GP of Brazil of F1 2018 , which will be the penultimate race of Formula 1 of Fernando Alonso and where those of McLaren, if there are no failures of reliability and no rookie driver takes it ahead, they can have a good race, since it is a short circuit where the differences between teams are reduced and where there are not too long straights where the drag of the MCL33 affects him especially. Although it will be complicated, as has been usual in 99% of the races this season, only a miracle could position them very high.

Ya the World Cup is in the pocket of Lewis Hamilton , so that Mercedes has taken a great weight off, Lewis has no pressure and could relax and drive more aggressively. Vettel on the other hand has also thrown away the year of Ferrari with the best car, has no chance to win and could use that to perform better performances without pressure. We will see what each one does, but of course both Ferrari and Mercedes continue to have pressure, since the other world championship is still in play, that of constructors, and that Maranello could be left if Mercedes does not perform well in these two races remaining.

Circuit of the Brazilian GP aerial view

The circuit as I said it is very short , with many curves of all kinds, linked, faster, slower, etc. Another thing that stands out is the ups and downs that the circuit has, something that pilots say is like a roller coaster. It is interesting to see how the engines will work at this height and with these changes in elevation. But Renault engines, as happened in Mexico, should not work especially bad, although they will not be at the level of Mercedes and Ferrari, of course.

We will also see the weather, if it is going to rain or the forecast is drier. A rain would give emotion and it would be interesting to see. Recall that we have lived many Brazilian GPs in the wet, so it would not be weird. Well, and so you do not miss anything, here I leave you the table with the times of the sessions. Remember that you can see it on the Movistar F1 channel:

# 8211; # 8211; -
Day Session Time
Day 9 November Free Practice 1 14:00
Day 9 November Free practice 2 18:00
Day 10 November Free practice 3 15:00
Day November 10 Classification 18:00
November 11 Race 18:10
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