SUVs are not a fad, they are here to stay. Meet the wide and varied crossover offer of 7 seats in the current Spanish market.

All 7-seater SUVs in the Spanish market

Test Tesla Model X

SUVs are not an Faster fashion, they are here to stay. Its success is undeniable and brands know it. That is why manufacturers have responded to this "boom" with a very wide range of models. This category of vehicles have the perfect features to attract the consumer : design, versatility, safety, comfort and space . In this article we will show all the SUVs with versions for seven seats that are marketed in our country.

Audi Q7

Test Audi Q7 3.0 TDI 272 HP

The first SUV that heads this list is the Audi Q7, a very technological and premium range vehicle well above most of its competitors in terms of performance, design and finishes. The Q7 measures 5.05 meters long , offering a boot capacity of 295 liters with all seats in use and 770 liters if we fold the third row of seats.

The range of engines consists of a turbo diesel engine that develops powers between 231 and 286 hp with a triptronic automatic transmission. The price of this luxury SUV starts from 68.100 euros. If we want even more benefits, we can choose the Audi SQ7 , which uses a V8 TDI of 435 HP; although its starting price exceeds 110,000 euros.


 BMW X5 2018

This model of the German firm has nothing to envy the Q7 in terms of performance. It is a luxury SUV with a very aggressive and dynamic aesthetic, with an imposing appearance. It measures 4.92 meters in length and can have a configuration of five or seven seats, with a trunk that cubes 645 liters and 1,860 with the seats folded down.

As for the engines of the X5, it offers engines petrol and diesel with powers developed from among 265 and 400 CV with only automatic transmission. By the end of the year, the third row of seats for two additional passengers is expected to be available. The price of the SUV can be found from 72.800 euros.

Honda CR-V

Test Honda CR-V front profile

This Japanese SUV is found in versions of 5 and 7 seats. To be a vehicle of 4.60 meters long, the third row of seats enjoys comfort and enough space for those two extra seats. The boot capacity for the 7-seater variant of the Honda CR-V is 472 liters with five operational seats, being reduced to 150 liters when we unfolded the three rows of seats.

The range of engines offers us a single gasoline 1.5 VTEC Turbo that develops 173 HP in the versions with manual transmission and 193 HP in which they use the automatic.Soon we can buy variants with hybrid and plug-in hybrid motor.

Depending on the versions we will have manual or automatic change. Your price in the most accessible version is 36,900 euros , without taking into account promotions or discounts.

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